How to be a super polite kid

The Good Manner Alphabets Book (how to be a super polite kid) is a picture book that offers a unique way to teach young children good manners using the 26 letters of the alphabet we all know.

Good Manner Alphabets Cover

 Why this book is important: If children are not polite and considerate in the homes, they cannot help showing that fact away from home. Good manners are a very important key to a child’s social success, but no one is born with good manners. Teaching children good manners is a parent’s responsibility and a daily process to help them develop social skills, showing them how to interact in a polite manner with people and also teaching them to treat others with respect.

Good manners can be taught as soon as your child understands what you’re saying, therefore The Good Manner Alphabets Book was written mainly for young children. This book is based on the rules of good manners, with the hope that children can have fun learning the rules of good conduct using the alphabets. Each letter of the alphabet is represented, relating to teaching social standards with the principles of right conduct and good character.

The word lady should suggests, ideally, a girl (or a woman) who keeps her manners gentle and pleasant. The word gentleman means, ideally, a fellow who has manners that do not prevent other people from seeing how fine he is. I honestly hope this book help girls and boys become happier, more agreeable children and over time, adults who have turned into proper ladies and gentlemen. Train your children’s eye to see how they may add to the enjoyment of all, therefore making friends. The right kind of friendship may give joy for a lifetime.

How to use this book: It can be challenging to teach young children good manners, but if you equip your children with these easy to learn alphabet manners, they will be able to go out and interact without embarrassing moments.

Depending on the age of your child, use the bold-italic one liners to keep it short. Have children learn one or two letters of the Good Manner Alphabets at a time, repeating each good manner several times. When your child has learned all the alphabet good manners, award him or her with a beautiful “I’ve got good manners” certificate.



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