Augustus Y. Voahn

Augustus Yarkerseh Voahn was born in Zuolay, Nimba County, in the northeastern region of Liberia. Voahn did his primary and secondary education in Tappita City, Nimba County, graduating from St. Francis Catholic High School in 1989.

Mr. Voahn taught for two years at his Alma Mata before working as a social worker in 1993 with Don Bosco Homes, an agency working with homeless children in Monrovia. During his employment with different social service agencies, he obtained an Associate of Arts Degree (2001) and a B.Sc. (2011) in Social Work from the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences. Voahn worked in many rural communities in Liberia, including Community Development, Child Protection, Women Empowerment and Girls Education.

A book lover since childhood, Voahn’s favorite subjects in school was Literature and English. He joined the Liberia Association of Writers (LAW) in 2009 and through their sponsorship, wrote two children’s books that were accepted and published by Reading Liberia/we-care Foundation in partnership with Canada Overseas Development  Education (CODE)—Under The Bridge (2010) and Swimming At ten (2013).

In 2015, Mr. Voahn signed on with Liberian-own publishing firm, Village Tales Publishing. His first book to be published is a children’s book, Uncle Jallah Will Fix It; scheduled to be released early 2016.

Augustus Voahn writes for both adult and children. He lives in Monrovia with his three beautiful daughters; Gertrude, Augusta and Valerie, who love reading and writing as well.