Brima M. Wolobah

Mr. Wolobah is a Liberian artist from Zorzor, Lofa County. He started drawing at the age of six when he was a refugee living with his grandmother in Koyama, a small town in Guinea. Brima did not own any pencil or paper, so he did his drawing in the sand. Luckily for him, Grandma never got angry when he had dirt on his clothes. The family returned to Zorzor in 1997 after the first war in Liberia. After the election that year, he moved to Monrovia to live with his grandfather, Hon. Thomas N. Brima.

In Monrovia Brima became an apprentice under two Liberian professional artists, Bill Blast and Fato Wheremogar. The rest of his skills have been achieved from hard work, dedication, and his close relationship with God. He loves to paint what he sees, and when he wants to think harder, he paints in abstract.

Mr. Wolobah owns a studio in Congo Town, Monrovia, where he paints. His motto; ‘Keeping the brush strokes alive’.