Digitized Your Book

Digitize your out-of-print book

Do you want to distribute your previously published book as an eBook and don’t have a digital file of the content? We’ve talked to a lot of authors who want to publish an e-book, but only have a printed copy of their book. We can transfer any paperback to a clear, researchable PDF or Word editible document.

Republish out-of-print books for online sales

Here’s how it works

Simple as…

  • Submit your order
  • Pay with Paypal
  • Ship book to us
  • We scan & process your book, then email you a file/download link
  • Review your book & confirm satisfaction via e-mail
  • We promptly ship your book to you, intact.
eBook Conversion

Our expert eBook conversion services will ensure your book is ready to publish on Kindle, iPad, Nook, and everyone’s favorite devices. We convert the original file type (pdf, Word) by creating both MOBI and EPUB files for all Kindle apps (PC, Mac and iPad), the universal eBook format, ePub and PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

We create and integrate the meta tags which include your book cover, title and author information.

A manual technical check is also performed to guarantee that the ebook is technically ready for submission. We deliver your professionally converted, ready-to-go final ebook files to you via email.

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