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 Bottom Up tells the story of a West African young man from Liberia, sharing in chronological order his experiences, challenges, mistakes, failures, perseverance, alteration, and success. Mac Nelson began serving humanity at an early age in his life. This book focuses on twenty-seven youthful years of his life.

On July 26, 2015, Nelson won the Global Youth Icon Award at the International Youth NGO’s Summit held in Chennai, India.

Praise for Bottom Up
“With the passion in which the author writes, his story is a bestseller.”
Amos S.B. Jah (Chief Executive Officer, Amos Market Inc.)

“A glass window into the world of a typical youth gripping with the social, economic, and political realities in Mama Liberia; This is an excellent read for both parents and young people.”
Dr. Muriel V. Nelson (Dean of the College of Theology, African Methodist Episcopal University)

“A fascinating read which depicts the indomitability of the human spirit.”
Amb. Milton Nathaniel Barnes (Former Permanent Representative of Liberia to the United Nations & Former Ambassador of Liberia to the United States of America)

BOTTOM UP” is a book written to inspire and motivate every young person striving in life. Please read!!
Princess N. Morton (Deputy Director for Administration, Pursuit for Positive Action Youth Organization)

“The author and I connected instantly when we met in 2011 in Monrovia. He has the sort of appeal where you want to sit for hours on end to hear his inspiring story. I’m delighted he has written this memoir to show his dedication to the youths of the world.”
George G. Sarmiento

“It’s a guide to youth and a mirror for reflection for those who have passed those youthful years.”
Prince P. Nelson (Board Chairman, Pursuit for Positive Action Youth Organization)

“Mastermind, intriguing, and worth sharing; I believe it’s a must-have! An absolute youthful thriller for all…. many will add BOTTOM UP to their favorite books.”
Amadu T. Bah (Chief Executive Officer, ABC Investments, Inc.)

“A bright mind with a dark path, BOTTOM UP is a hope for the next African generation.”
Amb. Darius Popo Bleh (Founder & CEO, Green Liberia, Inc.)

“As a life-long friend to Mac, I’m humbled and moved by his unassuming humility, infectious sense of humor, servant-leadership, and bright vision to navigate us through this compelling, family/networks-oriented, remarkable, and inspiring story of his life, passion, and dreams for a Liberia more prosperous and fit for all.”
Emmanuel W. Bropleh, Jr. (Former Speaker, Liberia Children Parliament)

“Mac Nelson has affirmed the potential and power of this young generation in Liberia, and across the globe. In BOTTOM UP, Nelson takes us on a journey from adversity to aspiration.  Writing this story is a gift to our generation, and those that will follow us.”
Sam N. Vaghar (Executive Director, Millennium Campus Network)

Bottom Up is a chronological play of a hard life growing up in Liberia; Mac is a friend and his experience is awesome. This is a good read!”
Arkie Jairus Tarr (Organizing Secretary, Organization of African Youth)

“A motivating story of how persistence, commitment, and leadership transformed the author’s life and led him to inspire others.”
Ilana Pinshaw, (Director of Business Development, Pick a Pier)

“From his story, a thousand more stories have been told… BOTTOM UP would bring you into a world of reflection and a desire to do more for our universe.”
Dr. Louise M. Kpoto, (President, Liberia Medical & Dental Association)

“This book serves as a springboard for generations to be determined, courageous, and excel like the author narrates his ordeal.”
Sise Sawaneh, Award-Winning Journalist/Women’s Rights Activist, Gambia Radio & Television Services


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