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Commitment to Literacy

 Our partnership with the Liberia Literary Society organization is a collaboration between the MaryMartha Educational Foundation and Village Tales Publishing; VTP being its custodian.

Liberia Literary Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting education and Liberian Authors and Liberia Literary Works. Its goal and Objective is to connect Writers and Readers, functioning as an accessible resource to facilitate, support, and promote literary works on Liberia and by Liberian Authors.

Sexy-Like-A-Book is a Martha Juah Educational Foundation initiative, designed to inspire young women and girls to improve their perspective on reading, literacy, and education. A partner in support of the Martha Juah Educational Foundation initiatives for girls empowerment, we know how important education is for a woman, regardless of where you live.

We celebrate the outgrowth towards advancing girls’ education in Liberia. It is our hope that more women in the world gain greater access to education, beginning with the girl-child obtaining the knowledge of putting her potentials to maximum use. It is a wonderful blessing to be one of the sponsors for Sexy-Like-A-Book. We encourage you to join us to inspire these young girls to dream big and strive to achieve the unimaginable, in spite of societal and cultural limitations.

Enchanting Voices is available in paperback and eBook; 100% of the proceeds go towards scholarships and educational resources to Liberian girls. Your support is highly appreciated. Please Donate by buying their book, and help to nurture and develop Liberia’s next generation of leaders.

Visit Sexy Like A Book website, www.sexylikeabook.com and join the effort.

Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege is an engaging curriculum backed by qualified, experienced teachers; by learning just 200 words, a kindergartener will be ready to pick up a beginner book and read.

Village Tales Publishing is proud to partner with Liberia Literary Society in bringing change to Liberia educational system using Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege workbooks.