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Enchanting Voices: Sexy Like A Book (Book One)

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Enchanting Voices is an anthology of poems written by the winners and finalists of the 1st Annual Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition for Liberian Girls. Enchanting Voices echoes stories of a Liberia that could be but struggles in the now. It echoes stories of hope and dreams; of courage and resilience; of possibilities and a future waiting to bloom. This collection is a poetic celebration of youth, innocence, joy, and emergence from a place of despair to one of progress and fulfilled dreams, if Liberians stay on the path of development, change their mindsets, and value Liberia for the true treasure that she is.

4 reviews for Enchanting Voices: Sexy Like A Book (Book One)

  1. Good

    This book is an anthology of the excellent works of young Liberian girls. They are telling their stories about Liberia, family and speaking to the world on the importance of education through poems, short stories, etc. I enjoyed reading and I have lots of take-away from this book. More importantly, I believe their level of confidence and intellect will inspire girls the world over.

  2. Vangie

    Reassuring Read! – I enjoyed the voices of the poets in this book. Some of them really resonated with me and it reminded me of home (Liberia).

  3. AMZ

    Enchanting and Engaging – Truly enchanting voices of young Liberian girls. I am purchasing as a gift to my teenage daughter who turns 16 soon. It is beautiful, poignant and the literary talents of these ladies are showcased through the guidance of the editor Patrice Juah. Excellent reading for Diaspora Africans and young girls everywhere.

  4. Deborah W.

    A true inspiration – It is a real privilege to be asked to write a review for Sexy like a Book – Enchanting Voices edited by Patrice Juah.
    Each page is alive, vibrant with courage, strength and the VISION of these talented young women. As a visitor to Liberia from the USA, it is clear that life here is a struggle and yet just as the lotus flower that blossoms radiant and magnificent out of swamps these women bloom and shine.

    In the face of such hardship words such as My eyes are open, Wide awake, I know what I want, And I go for it. (page 70); or I wake up I sell, I go to bed hungry, the hustle is hard, too many sellers, not enough buyers…. The problems do not make me run, they build me up. (page 75). Stir your soul as you read them. How many of us in the West think we have a bad day when our Facebook post does not get enough “likes”. These women triumph over hardship. They are the new voice of Liberia. The voices that speak from these pages are voices that need to be heard, these women are a force of knowledge, interest, yearning, passion, and change. Now that is Sexy to me!!

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