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Heart Men: a novel

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A story of LOVE, RITUAL KILLINGS, and JUSTICE. Writer/Publisher/Humanitarian Ophelia S. Lewis takes readers on an intimate journey into the lives of Heart Robbers and Heart Breakers. This riveting tale chronicles the journey of RJ, an Atlanta Lawyer, from the U.S. to Liberia in order to defend his father against a Ritual Killing accusation. Along the way, he is exposed to secrets that took place in his father’s native country of Liberia as well as in his own family. The main character, RJ, introduces readers to many of the issues that plague nations around the world; as well as many of the hopes and dreams they share.

3 reviews for Heart Men: a novel

  1. Dugee O.

    Amazing!! Very interesting! An interesting merging of two worlds… Funny, growing up as a child, I never considered the possibility of organ donor for ritualistic killings 🙂 Moko, we’re all so proud of your work!! I’ll definitely be purchasing ‘Heart Men.’ I remember reading/briefing a couple of those cases in law school in LIB and couldn’t sleep later that night hahaha! For all the years those ‘Heart Men’ scared me as a child, I will read your book and bury that childhood fear! Congrats Moko!

  2. M. Logan

    This is a story that has NEVER been told. I was initially expecting pages filled with gruesome descriptions of ritual killings, organs, “black” magic and mystery; but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is a LOVE story more than anything. I fell in LOVE with the main character RJ. And granted he is NO saint I became attached to him after the first chapter. I feel like he embodies the good and bad in every human being who tries to do the right thing. I like how the author presents the REAL LIFE issues especially regarding the sexual exploitation of women.

    The story starts off with one of the accused killers in the confession room. This is kind of confusing, but as you past the prelude and get into the chapters it quickly makes sense.

    The characters are so awesome. There are people who I absolutely HATE in this book and there are people, who I simply adore. Overall, I took away the importance of how we respond to people (especially people who have been victimized). A simple gesture, kind word or even common courtesy can make a WORLD of difference to someone who is suffering. Not being sympathetic, but empathetic.

    As RJ travels to Liberia to defend his father, you are going to get attached to him and caught up in the secrets and scandals.

    I was expecting a little more killing, but overall I enjoyed the story and the ending…

  3. Shirley T.

    Once you start to read, you will never drop this book.

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