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  • Ballah Makes Shapes

    One day in class, Ms. Wleh taught her first-grade class about shapes. Ballah wanted to learn more. When he got home, he noticed there were all kinds of different shapes everywhere in Soul Clinic Community where he lives. So he decided to make some shapes and share them with the class.

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  • Better Together

    “Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho” takes readers into the tropical Liberian rainforest to learn from its special animal campers. In this adventure, it’s Field Day. Solo Dawg and Zaq Lyons become team captains. As they race through different obstacles, the campers must choose to move quickly or stick together. See which animals make it and which ones don’t, in this fun story about teamwork. On your mark. Get set. Go!

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  • Christmas in Sanoyea

    In West Africa, Liberians love to celebrate the holiday season and spend time with family. This Christmas, Ian is looking forward to spending the holiday with his twin cousins, Nostelor and Nostelda, who have come to Liberia from America for their first Christmas. But they won’t be spending Christmas in Monrovia, where the city is bursting with all kinds of entertainment. Christmas in Sanoyea, on Grandpa’s farm, would surely be unforgettable.

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  • Drama on Pipe Line Road

    Author Nemen M. Kpahn is back with another perfect summer read for young adult readers, ages 8-12 years old. In Drama on Pipe Line Road, this brother-sister team, 11-year-old, Gontay and his 9-year-old sister, Layevah, are too busy doing what boys and girls their age do, playing; so they have no idea of the terrifying announcement playing on the radio about Liberia’s most notorious criminal, Black Cat, who is on the run. As the drama unfolds in Monrovia’s Paynesville community, the children’s witty observations and clever actions soon lead to Black Cat’s capture. Even the police chief is impressed, making them local heroes.

    For the second time, Kpahn has teamed up with Osbert to bring this story to life. Since joining Village Tales Publishing in 2016, Ashaba Osbert has done illustrations for three other books; Ballah Makes Shapes (Augustus Y. Voahn), Toby Pannoh’s Good Manners for Boys and Girls (Ophelia S. Lewis), and Little Brave Lydia (Nemen M. Kpahn).

    We are happy and proud to be celebrating the soon to be released of our first graphic novel for young readers, and (you bet) we are building more titles via our Reading-Our-World series. African children can relate to these characters, even see their selves as these characters, and know that they, too, can be heroes, and not just victims of poverty.

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  • Games and Puzzles Activity Book

    Dozens of challenging fun games and puzzles from the Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho. Try your hand at Mazes, Crosswords, Coloring Activities, Secret Codes, Word Search, Sudokus, and much more!

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  • Good Manner Alphabets: how to be a super polite kid

    The Good Manner Alphabets (how to be a super polite kid!), makes learning good manners as easy as the ABCs. This AWESOME 36-page book includes a Good Manners Certificate at the end, signed by Sapo! Each page will transform a child from an ordinary kid into an EXTRAORDINARY one. After all, people are not born […]

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