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  • Dead Gods: HM2

    It hasn’t been all that long since RJ Douglas last visit to Liberia when his father was under suspicion of murder, then tried and executed. Now it is RJ’s secret that takes him back—his love child. In the main time, deep inside Monrovia brews an undercover operation called the Net, far from James Bond-ish operations, but nonetheless, one established to free the country of the iniquitousness certain people continue to curse Liberia with. And from this, Rufus Bohn’s private security agency turns gangsters into dead gods and ordinary citizens into heroes.

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  • Heart Men: a novel

    A story of LOVE, RITUAL KILLINGS, and JUSTICE. Writer/Publisher/Humanitarian Ophelia S. Lewis takes readers on an intimate journey into the lives of Heart Robbers and Heart Breakers. This riveting tale chronicles the journey of RJ, an Atlanta Lawyer, from the U.S. to Liberia in order to defend his father against a Ritual Killing accusation. Along […]

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  • Subliminal Attraction

    Believing true love no longer exists is either a mistake or a choice. SUBLIMINAL ATTRACTION is a nonfiction book which goes against every claim that love is unreal. Through these pages, readers will see a genuine experience of how a man encountered true love and ceased his chance.

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