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  • Enchanting Voices: Sexy Like A Book (Book One)

    Enchanting Voices is an anthology of poems written by the winners and finalists of the 1st Annual Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition for Liberian Girls. Enchanting Voices echoes stories of a Liberia that could be but struggles in the now. It echoes stories of hope and dreams; of courage and resilience; of possibilities and […]

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  • Journeys (a collection of poems)

    “Readers peeking into Lewis’ world will find a poet who teases love, sings love, and dances love. Yet love’s sprinkles of sadness are never absent. How one person runs a wide range of love themes and still holds the attention of an audience is just wonderful. If love brings people together if love celebrates life, […]

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  • Still I Stand: poems

    A passion for poetry, Richards pens a collection that celebrates life with the utmost love and appreciation for his family, especially his late father, Mr. Napoleon Francis Richards, and his country, Liberia. Still I Stand is his debut literary work. Please follow and like us:

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  • Under Ducor Skies

    Readers will be given a front row seat into Ducor, the city of dreams, through the authors’ lens. They’ll enjoy the openness, depth, vulnerability, and ease with which she shares each poem. Together, they’ll open old scars, mend wounds, laugh, cry, heal and rise. The girl power-themed poems are particularly armed with the right ingredients to give any woman, or girl, back her power, and inspire her to elevate to her most authentic and exceptional self. Leave all your worries, fears and doubts at the door of this book, losing yourself in every page, exploring, rediscovering and emerging as a wholesome you. It’s time to weave stories we’ve long held close to our hearts; those that inspire, challenge, and keep us thriving, in spite of all the crooked paths we tread Under Ducor Skies.

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