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  • He Has Included Us

    He Has Included Us recounts the story of how a very poor boy living in Liberia comes to faith in Christ and experiences a complete transformation of his life in every way. As you read Tuakah’s story, you will no doubt be able to sense God’s love for him, but even more, you will also begin to sense God’s amazing love for you.

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  • Message to God

    This book explores how people, dissimilar in needs, ask for God’s favor, for God’s grace. Prayer (Message) is an intimate conversation with our God, a perfect and Holy God who welcomes pleas, complains, thanksgiving, and gratitude from everyone. We do ask, whether we are right or wrong, whether we understand or not; we only need to ask. But how does the Almighty God perceive our messages? How can anything perfect come from an imperfect being? How exactly does he feel about them?

    In Message To God, Houngnikpo plunges into human minds, filters their hearts and narrates their emotions with humor and sensitivity.

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