Children’s Books

In 2012, VTP launched SapoBooks, our Children’s Literature division, a platform to afford independent authors of Children’s Books the opportunity to have their books published. We also publish unsolicited manuscripts of children’s literature through SapoBooks

Contact Us if you have written a children’s book and would like to have it published. Or, if you are an illustrator.

Authors & Illustrators

Authors of children’s books are writers who can get inside a child’s mind and really excite their imagination. We are currently reviewing children’s book manuscript submissions..

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    Ballah Makes Shapes by: Augustus Y. Voahn, Shabamukama Osbert, $12.00

    One day in class, Ms. Jallah taught her first-grade class about shapes. Ballah wanted to learn more. He got home, he noticed there were all kinds of different shapes everywhere in Soul Clinic Community where he lives. So he decided to make some shapes and share them with the class.

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    Rated 4.50 out of 5
    Little Brave Lydia by: Nemen M. Kpahn, Shabamukama Osbert, $12.00

    Eight-year-old Lydia is separated from her family during the civil war. Through her bravery and self-initiative, she endured abuse from the woman who had rescued her. Lydia never gave up. She drew pictures, sang songs and recited poems to get through the hard times. Lydia was always brave.

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    Good Manner Alphabets: how to be a super polite kid by: Ophelia S. Lewis $10.00

    The Good Manner Alphabets (how to be a super polite kid!), makes learning good manners as easy as the ABCs. This AWESOME 36-page book includes a Good Manners Certificate at the end, signed by Sapo! Each page will transform a child from an ordinary kid into an EXTRODINARY one. After all, people are not born with good manners, good manners have to be taught. And what better way to teach good manners than with the alphabets. Smaller children can memorize one line sentences, while older kids recite paragraphs.

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    Where In The World Is Liberia by: Ophelia S. Lewis $10.00

    Word Search Puzzles for Kid

    Find the hidden words in the grid and learn about Liberia. Each page features a word search puzzle that will teach children about Liberia and hold their interest for hours. Get to know important historical facts, learn about the people, culture, natural resources, and many more. Plus many illustrations to color while completing some puzzles.

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    I’m About To by: Ophelia S. Lewis, Brima M. Wolobah, $10.00

    This story is about a little pepper bird named Korlu who never wanted to learn anything. Korlu was not even willing to try. She ignored important lessons until one day she had to learn to fly. Follow Korlu on her short adventure as she travels from her comfortable nest, all the way to Sinta Village.

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    Uncle Jallah Will Fix It by: Augustus Y. Voahn, Hallie A. Ndorley, $12.00

    This story teaches a young girl that life has its limitations and nothing last forever. No matter how well you take care of your things, beware, there will come a time for that thing to be no more. When that happens, let go and move on with life. Korto is sad that she has out-grown her favorite blanket Uncle Jallah made her when she was a baby. So Uncle Jallah made her a dress out of the blanket. Then one day Mother said to her, “Korto, look at your dress. It is crumpled and rumpled. It is even getting small for you. It won’t fit you neatly again. It is time to throw it away.” “No, Mama,” said Korto. “Uncle Jallah will fix it.”