Personal Branding

Author Branding (authors, both in the US and abroad).

Good, consistent branding delivers a solid foundation for distinguishing your book in the very competitive marketplace. Also, a cohesive approach assures your image stays consistent across all your media outlets; we customized your e-Mail Signature, Online Presence/Social Media strategy, setup and coaching (Facebook book page, Twitter, Goodreads Page, blog, and Linkedin) as well as printed materials (Author Cards, Business cards, postcards, Thank You cards). We can design a Personal Website that links to online bookstores selling your book, making you and your books easier for readers to identify.

Creating an author brand will not only help readers identify you and your book, it will differentiate you from the competition and build a lasting platform for you as an author. How important is Brand Identity? Brand Identity looks at the aesthetics created for your author platform. It focuses on:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Images
  • Layout

Your entire author platform needs to tell a consistent story, as the aim is for the author to be instantly recognizable—People see your Site and know it’s you, they see a Guest Post and know it’s you, they see a book and know it’s you. So, how consistent is your brand?