In 2012, Village Tales Publishing launched its Children’s Literature division, Sapo Children’s Book. Reading offers a wealth of knowledge and we hope our books unlock the love of reading for children everywhere. Our books are for readers and listeners up to age 12, most books are illustrated, and multi-cultural.

Village Tales Publishing commitment to printing multi-cultural children’s books are good enough reasons for our readers’ expectations. We make sure all Sapo Children’s Books listed for African children literacy process meet that expectation.


Our world is filled with amazing people, places, and things; why not publish books that will help teachers and parents include our world in our children’s reading practice?

All our Children’s Books are notably playing a vital role in building a useful source of books African children can relate to culturally. We are excited to be part of this incredible undertaking and intend to work continuously, stressing the importance of books that put our children on the road to literacy.

Children's Series - Entertain & Educate

Clever Children gamebook LOGO

Clever Children Gamebook provides children with fun learning, offering a variety of activities that build self-confidence, determination, and problem-solving skills through puzzles.

Ian and Applecat LOGO

It’s fun having a dog, but there’s nothing funny about keeping the dog out of trouble.

There’s always something amusing in a preschooler’s daily routine. Ian and Applecat is about a little boy who lives with his family in Monrovia. The series follows 3-year-old Ian and his puppy, Applecat, as he meets a number of milestones and acquires the ability to do things independently. Lucky for Ian, his eight-year-old sister, Lydia, is always there to help.

Not only is the series created to bring awareness to our ecosystem (importance of plant and animal life), our children’s book icon is named after the park, Sapo.

The book series highlight the endangered environment and animals that live in Sapo National Park, Sinoe County, Liberia. In the series, readers can learn about animals, the rainforest and valuable life lessons. The stories feature fifteen animal campers and their fun experiences in the middle of the rainforest.

Find the hidden words in the grid and learn about Liberia. Each page features a word search puzzle that will teach children about Liberia. Get to know important historical facts, learn about the people, culture, natural resources, and many more.

Christmas in Sanoyea

This Christmas, Ian is looking forward to spending the holiday with his twin cousins, Nostelor and Nostelda, who have come to Liberia from America for their first Christmas. But they won’t be spending Christmas in Monrovia, where the city is bursting with all kinds of entertainment. On Grandpa’s farm, Christmas in Sanoyea would surely be unforgettable.

Better Together

“Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho” takes readers into the tropical Liberian rainforest to learn from its special animal campers. In this adventure, it’s Field Day. Solo Dawg and Zaq Lyons become team captains. As they race through different obstacles, the campers must choose to move quickly or stick together. See which animals make it and which ones don’t, in this fun story about teamwork. On your mark. Get set. Go!