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Liberia Literary Synergies

Village Tales Publishing is proud to be an active participant in Liberia Literary Synergies. We started small, and we are growing. Book Lovers will agree that Nothing Is Ordinary at Village Tales Publishing. We have established the best in-house structure to develop content and devote the necessary time and people to our publishing brand. To ensure our books are high quality, consistent and aligned with our brand, we’ve put the right people, dedicated processes and applied brainstorming procedures in place.

Still, our main ingredient for success is our writers; we select the best writers and illustrators chance offers. Notably, we appreciate the dedication and hard work of these Authors; Augustine Sherman, Augustus Voahn, Brima Wolobah, Martin Kpahn, Faith Gray, Franck Olivier Houngnikpo, Lisa Harris, Manseen Logan, Marshad Beyslow, Maxita George, Odell Garkpah, Ophelia S. Lewis, Patrice Juah, Roosevelt Richards, Shabamukama Osbert, Shedrick Seton, and Victoria Daye.

All our titles are published in Paperback and ebook, and available at Amazon and all retail bookstores.


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