Little Brave Lydia
Little Brave Lydia
Author: Nemen M. Kpahn , Shabamukama Osbert (Illustrator)
Publish: April 9, 2017
Publisher: Village Tales Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1945408120
Pages: 50
Dimension: 6 x 0.12 x 9 inches

Eight-year-old Lydia is separated from her family during the civil war. Through her bravery and self-initiative, she endured abuse from the woman who had rescued her. Lydia never gave up. She drew pictures, sang songs, and recited poems to get through the hard times. Lydia was always brave.

Nemen M. Kpahn
Author Details:

Nemen M. Kpahn’s abiding interest in writing for children is not just because of his three beautiful children; Katherine, Bernice, and Benedict. He writes to encourage the culture of reading. One of the authors for Liberia’s Ministry of Education supplemental reading project books for children, Mr. Kpahn was trained to write children’s stories by CODE/Canada, a Canadian NGO in support of literacy and learning in Canada and around the world.

His first children’s book, Little Brave Lydia, was published in 2017. Kpahn writes for both children and adult audiences. He lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his family.

Shabamukama Osbert
Author Details:

Shabamukama Osbert is a painter, structural designer, and illustrator. Art has always been a passion, earning his bachelor’s degree in industrial and fine art from Makerere University. Since joining Village Tales Publishing in 2016, Osbert has illustrated several books; Ballah Makes Shapes, Toby Pannoh’s Good Manners for Boys and Girls, Little Brava Lydia, Better Together, Keeping Secrets, and the characters for Camp Pootie-cho series.

During his free time, he enjoys photography, traveling, painting, and doing illustrations. Mr. Osbert currently lives in Kampala, Uganda.