Sapo for President
Sapo for President
Author: Ophelia S. Lewis , Shabamukama Osbert (Illustrator)
Publish: January 22, 2020
Publisher: Village Tales Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1945408571
Pages: 38
Dimension: 8.5 x 0.07 x 8.5 inches

Its elections at Camp Pootie-Cho!

Sapo for President is an important book that will teach young Liberian children about the importance of their vote, from candidates to debate, from the ballot to voting.

In order to teach the campers about selecting a leader, Mr. Bayogar decides to do a mock election. Sapo is running against Bendu and the campers have to cast a vote for the best candidate. What do you do when you are best friends with both candidates?

Hopefully, Liberian children will come away with a better understanding of the complex election-process, enduring respect for it. If you run for president, you would have to do a lot of hard work. You would study Liberia's problems, tell the Liberian people about your plans, select a running mate, and debate your opponents so the Liberian people will get to know if you are the best choice for Liberia.

Ophelia S. Lewis
Author Details:

The founder of Village Tales Publishing and self-published author of more than ten books, Ophelia S. Lewis is determined to make Village Tales Publishing a recognized name in the literary industry. The author of the popular heart-man novels, Heart Men and Dead Gods (HM2), Ms. Lewis has also written a gamebook, Liberia Unscrabbled, two collections of short stories, The Dowry of Virgins & Other Stories and Montserrado Stories; a book of essay, My Dear Liberia; and a collection of poems, Journeys. These books provide a view into Liberia society, one cannot get from the headlines. Lewis has also written two children’s books; A is for Africa and The Good Manner Alphabets (How to be a super polite kid).

Ophelia S. Lewis is also the CEO of the Liberia Literary Society organization, which provides resources to preserve Liberia’s literary works, advance girls’ education and youth development. Giving children a chance to learn is one of the most urgent priorities in Liberia. As a published author and humanitarian, Lewis takes on the dire, yet fulfilling task of giving children an opportunity to start a solid educational journey. Hopefully, the synergy of Liberia Literary Society and Village Tales Publishing will produce effective results for students. Quality education is key to any society’s success; this ignites Lewis’ passion for writing children’s books.

Shabamukama Osbert
Author Details:

Shabamukama Osbert is a painter, structural designer, and illustrator. Art has always been a passion, earning his bachelor’s degree in industrial and fine art from Makerere University. Since joining Village Tales Publishing in 2016, Osbert has illustrated several books; Ballah Makes Shapes, Toby Pannoh’s Good Manners for Boys and Girls, Little Brava Lydia, Better Together, Keeping Secrets, and the characters for Camp Pootie-cho series.

During his free time, he enjoys photography, traveling, painting, and doing illustrations. Mr. Osbert currently lives in Kampala, Uganda.