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The Falcon


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This book serves as a mirror to Liberia and its creators; the failure and regrets, and possibly, a way forward. It is entertaining and will hold your interest as this author brings to life the African continent engagement with other continents during, and after, the trans-Sahara trade. Mother Supreme created a world with hope and aspiration for man’s existence and designed a silver and golden Falcon to provide them the necessities for survival. Now that the world is filled with greed, strive, hypocrisy, and chaos mingling, producing a vortex of immoralities, evil hover over Ancient Fricano and spread its wings to the Negro Republic of Liberia. Mother Supreme has no choice but to prematurely send the Falcon to earth. Now, as greediness and unpatriotic characters choke the Falcon, Zulu Menya is sent, by Mother Supreme, to heal the country, and he presents the plan to the government. Would they accept it?

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