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  • Better Together

    “Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho” takes readers into the tropical Liberian rainforest to learn from its special animal campers. In this adventure, it’s Field Day. Solo Dawg and Zaq Lyons become team captains. As they race through different obstacles, the campers must choose to move quickly or stick together. See which animals make it and which ones don’t, in this fun story about teamwork. On your mark. Get set. Go!

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  • CPC Campers Poster

    High-quality 8.5 x 11 glossy poster of Camp Pootie-Cho camper.

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  • CPC Staff Poster

    High-quality 8.5 x 11 glossy poster of Camp Pootie-Cho staff.

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  • Games and Puzzles Activity Book

    Dozens of challenging fun games and puzzles from the Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho. Try your hand at Mazes, Crosswords, Coloring Activities, Secret Codes, Word Search, Sudokus, and much more!

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  • Good Manners ABCs: Activity Book

    Easy lessons to teach social skills to young children. Each letter of the alphabet is represented, relating to teaching social standards with the principles of right conduct and good character. Learn the American Sign Language alphabets and numbers too!

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