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Franck Olivier Houngnikpo

Although he was born in Libreville, Gabon, Franck Olivier Houngnikpo is actually a young man from the Republic of Benin, where he studied and obtained an A-Level certificate in Arts. In college, his love and passion for writing were fully realized, and naturally, he began to pursue this ambition. Houngnikpo traveled to Ghana in 2009, where his interest in languages led him to pursue studies in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Portuguese. However though, French is his natal language. In 2012, Mr. Franck Olivier Houngnikpo served as General Secretary of the Association of Benin Students and Trainees in Ghana and elected President in 2014.

His last book, ‘De Sa Deception a l’Engagement’ won the Pan African award of excellence in Ghana, in August 2014. He is also the author of ‘Margarita’s Dress’ (2011). Currently, Mr. Houngnikpo teaches in a number of language schools and institutions in the Republic of Ghana. As an editor at Corporates Magazine, he also functions as a translator of various languages.

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