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Nemen M. Kpahn

Nemen M. Kpahn is a social worker working with House With No Steps, a disability service organization in Queensland, Australia. Born in Liberia, Mr. Kpahn has lived in a number of counties, including Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Guinea. His abiding interest in writing for both adults and children is not just because of his three beautiful children, Katherine, Bernice, and Benedict. He writes to encourage the culture of reading in Liberia and other parts of the world.

One of the authors for Liberia’s Ministry of Education supplemental reading project books for kids, his previously published works include The Fading Flower, a historical fiction novel that explores the tumultuous, violent politics of Cold War–era Liberia. In Liberia, Mr. Kpahn was also trained to write children’s stories by CODE/Canada, a Canadian NGO in support of literacy and learning in Canada and around the world.

Mr. Kpahn has studied in Liberia, Ghana, and Australia; attending primary and secondary school in Liberia, the Institute of Management Studies in Ghana, graduating with two diplomas and then returning to Liberia to complete a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. He is presently studying for a Master’s degree in Communication in Australia.

Kpahn now lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his family.

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