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Roosevelt Richards

Roosevelt Richards is a Liberian author, born in Monrovia. With a natural passion for poems, Richards started writing songs, but quickly shifted to poetry. His two favorite writers are Edgar Allen Pole and Emily Dickinson. He penned his first poem, Dear Martin Luthur King, while working full-time at the Royal Hotel to finance his college education. Richards had lost his father, Napoleon F. Richards, who had a huge impact on his upbringing. Mr. Richards earned his BBA in Accounting and Public Administration in 2012.

This book comes into publication on pure perseverance; not able to find a local publisher in Monrovia, Richards continued to write while he worked full-time. Then in 2016, he stumbled upon a Liberian-own publishing house on LinkedIn. Still I Stand is his debut literary work.

Roosevelt Richards lives in Monrovia with his family.

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